Cows and Cream, Etc.


April 2018

Mirya calved almost 4 weeks ago and I am still allowing her calf 24/7 access, for various reasons. One reason is that he seems to be only nursing on the left side. As far as I can tell, he never nurses on her right side, which is the side that had the terrible edema before she calved and for a week afterward.  The side he is not nursing from produces less. So, I am basically milking out just 2 quarters, morning and evening.

This is approximately how much milk I get twice a day. 🙁

Reasons why I don’t get much cream:

  1. The calf is with Mirya 24/7 so I only get 1 to 1.5 gallons of milk a day.
  2.  She’s holding the creamiest “hind milk” back for him.
  3.  She’s a MINI Jersey/Dexter cross, so she’s not only small but only half “dairy cow”.

I hope that her daughter Delilah will have a little more in the way of dairy attributes, but I am definitely pleased with the smaller amount of milk that a smaller cow gives. What would I do with 6 gallons a day?

This is Delilah and снежинка (Snezhinka).
Delilah is 3/4 mini jersey, so I am looking forward to milking her one day! Snezhinka likes to hang out on the backs of goats or cows. Strange chicken.



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