Curb Your Cravings With This Keto Shake (RECIPE)


FMF Keto Shake Recipe, Egg Free and Dairy Free!

Also known as a “Fat Shake”, this recipe can easily be changed up by adding eggs and heavy whipping cream if you are not allergic to those ingredients.
Makes 2 shakes.



1 avocado
1 can of coconut cream
MCT or avocado oil
3 cups of coconut milk
2 TBSP cocoa powder


Put an avocado in the blender. I like to use frozen avocado pieces. The carbs in this vary, so unless you are weighing it you won’t know exactly. I estimate at 12 carbs each because the ones I have been buying lately are small, and I did weigh one to be sure.


Add a whole can of UNSWEETENED coconut cream. 5 carbs in Native Forest brand, 10 carbs in Thai Kitchen brand. 


Add as much MCT oil and/or avocado oil as you like, to be sure you get in enough fat for the day.


Add 2 to 3 cups of unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk, to make it as thin or as thick as YOU like it. 1 carb per cup. 


And then add either some cocoa powder or some melted cocoa butter, or both, according to your individual taste. 2-3 carbs for one Tablespoon. 


Blend well, pour into 2 pint jars. Drink one now, and save one for tomorrow. Be sure to use a tracking app to find out exactly how much of these wonderfully healthy fats you are getting from your shake.



YOUR carb count will vary with this, depending on how much of each ingredient you put in.
I am allergic to eggs and dairy, otherwise I would add cream cheese, raw eggs, and heavy whipping cream to make this shake even MORE delicious. I also react VERY poorly to any kind of sweetener. Even stevia. It causes miserable carb cravings and it’s just not worth it, so I don’t sweeten my shake at all. So, when I make my husband’s daily shake that he takes to work with him, he gets ALL the yummy extras added.



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