Homemade Butter DIY


Introducing my “Keto Calf”!
Isn’t he adorable? He was born April 16 and his mama Mirya makes more milk than he can drink on his own (although he certainly tries!) So, I have been milking her twice a day, and after we got over that rough first week where Mirya had edema (lots of swelling on one side of her udder) and was miserable, it has been great to be back to milking again. I actually stopped milking the goats and just let their kids have all the milk. I am now using Mirya’s milk to feed my bottle babies and they are thriving!

Being keto, one of my favorite thing about cow’s milk is that the cream rises to the top nicely, unlike the cream in goat milk. So, I carefully save the cream and give the “skim milk” to the chickens and the dogs. One of our dogs is a livestock guardian dog and he is only 6 month old. He’s already HUGE and still growing, so I feel like he really benefits from the extra nutrients.

I don’t handle dairy well at all, so I was excited to try cream and butter in my coffee! i do better with the butter than I do with the cream.
Here’s how to make butter, the quick and easy way.

Put your cream (store-bought is fine, if you’re desperate) in your blender, food processor, mixer, or whatever. Just basically make whipping cream but don’t turn it off until it turns into butter. There will be a combo of butter and buttermilk in the bowl. Strain the buttermilk off and give it to your critters. They’ll love you for it. OR, use it in recipes, such as buttermilk biscuits!  I like to use a wooden spoon with a hole in it to press the butter together into one big lump. Keep pressing on it until you’ve got most of the buttermilk out.

Add a little pink himalayan salt if you want, and that’s it. You’re done! It’s SO easy and if you are blessed to have a supply of fresh raw cream, your butter will taste much better than anything you can buy at the store. I like knowing exactly what my cow eats. She eats a lot of grass, which gives the cream that darker yellow color.


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