Internal Parasites in Goats



It’s been  rough winter here, with rain more frequently than usual.  The goats are showing signs of worm overload. One of them in particular is really struggling, and looking too skinny. I use an herbal dewormer that I am really happy with in general, but I have found that adding essential oils to it makes a big difference!

Yesterday morning Tris had bottle jaw, and instead of giving her the E.O./herbal mixture, I put a drop of Digestzen right on her tongue. She walked around licking her lips for about 15 minutes, but she certainly did not act like she hated the taste. In two hours, when I went back outside, the swelling under her jaw was gone! In the evening I followed up with the herbal dewormer and this time I put oregano oil and wild orange oil in it as well. She looks great this morning. She ran out of the barn to see me with the others, instead of lagging behind.


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