Intro to our cows – spring 2018


For YEARS and years, I have wanted to have a cow to milk. For various reasons it just didn’t work out for a long time. The main reason being that cows are expensive!!

In 2015 my brother was selling his herd of Dexter/Mini Jersey cows and moving from Tennessee to Texas.  He brought some of them with him, and somehow between him and my dad, they gave us a heifer!

Mirya DOB: 5-14

She was needing some minerals and needing to be dehorned when I picked her up.

Got her dehorned and tried to work on halter training but she was wild!

We finally got her bred to a mini Jersey bull named Sam in 2016!

And on 4/7/2017 Delilah Jean was born! Sadly, I missed the birth because we were in Latvia but Jordan (our nephew) and Erinn (our daughter) were on hand to prevent a tragedy.  Without them, it would have been a disastrous calving but they saved both mama and baby!

I built a stanchion so I could milk her, but the timing was bad because that was about the time that my mother in law with dementia came to live with us and caring for her was higher priority than milking a cow.

Mirya and Delilah resting in the barn. 2-18

Sam the mini Jersey came for another visit later on in 2017 and now Mirya is due to have her second calf sometime in March 2018! This time around I hope and pray that it all works out for me to start milking on a regular basis and using the cream in as many keto ways as possible!



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